Bathroom Renovation Doing it the 12-step way

 Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, Final Progress Report The “Imagine the Impossibilities” Challenge is wrapping up this week, but our bathroom renovation is moving along slowly. We won’t be finished with our challenge when the challenge officially ends. Luckily, we have a second bathroom on the main floor, so we aren’t in a huge rush to get(…)

Bathroom Maintenance

Step 1: Tear the whole damn thing down! That’s how it went down.  You can read Rita’s take on went went down before the tile went down here. This is my version.

How to go from replacing a few tiles to major bathroom reno in 10 easy steps

I just love it when the homeowner gods decide to have a little fun with us mortals. Actually, I don’t. Within a day of posting our easy-does-it, one-wall-at-a-time, no big leaps approach to home renovation, we went from replacing a few tiles to a major bathroom overhaul in, oh, about ten freakin’ minutes.  (OK, it(…)