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Our merry little Christmas

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, whatever and however you celebrate. We’ve done a lot of talking and thinking about this holiday season in the past week. We’ve got some ideas about how we hope to do it better next year, but we’ll save those for next year. Right now, we thought we’d share a(…)


  In the midst of this hustle-bustle, hurry-hurry season, I find myself slowing down. Oh, there is much to do. Posts to write. Presents to choose. Schedules to plan. A tree to be decorated. But I am oddly slow right now, to the point of being stopped. All I’ve really been able to bring myself(…)

Our mini-staycation And some design inspiration from McMenamin's Edgefield Manor

Cane and I are not big travelers. We both hate airports. We hate packing. We hate sitting still in small seats with nothing to do. No travel this summer was no problem, as we wanted to dedicate ourselves to finishing (hah!) our two big on-going projects. If you’ve been following along with us this summer,(…)

More talk. Less doing. Revising our expectations--and our work process

Last month, Cane drafted a post I never got edited/published. It went mostly like this: We are not strong finishers. We LOVE to start projects though. It’s one of the things that we do best. That time early in a project when it’s all possibility and excitement is the best part. When you sit around and think of(…)

Growing pains Regaining balance in our awkward age

Why yes, it has been a week since we’ve posted anything. And no, that’s not typical for us. We do try to post at least twice a week, and we’ve been doing that pretty much without fail since last October. But, it was kind of a week. The kind of week that makes you wonder(…)

Home-made marinade: Real, good, and gluten-free

If you’ve been following along on my food journey, you might remember that at the last stop I realized the need to learn some cooking fundamentals. An improvised quinoa dish got me realizing that the ability to improvise is the thing that will keep us well-fed. I decided to start my education with something simple:(…)