Screen Time Manifesto

screen family 576x383 Screen Time Manifesto

Quality family time?

What follows is a lengthy exploration of issues around screen time for kids.  If you want to skip all the thoughts and get straight to the meat–here’s our Screen Time Manifesto.

You know those bumper stickers that say “Kill Your TV”?  We don’t have one.  We like TV—at least some of it, some of the time. We also like our computer, and we’ve bought our kids both a Wii and a PlayStation.  Obviously, we’re users of social media and other technological tools.  Our kids are, too, and we think that’s mostly a good thing:  We want them to be full participants in the world they’re living in. (And if not exactly a good thing, a necessary one.*)

However, the dangers of too much screen time are well-documented.  Do a quick Google search of that term (or “screen time adolescents”) and you’ll be tempted to kill every screen you own.

It’s a dilemma

We don’t want to ban screens altogether, but we we’ve got goals for the kids that can’t be met in front of them.   More →