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Our long-in-the-making master bathroom reveal

Our long-in-the-making master bathroom reveal

This post has been a long time coming. Since January 2, to be precise. That’s the day we posted our first bathroom renovation project post–which all started with a few leaky tiles. We knew it would be a while before this day would come, but we never thought it would more than 10 months later–more(…)

Going out on a funky limb The big reveal of our long-in-the-works bathroom tiling project

Our new tile wall is a little bit funky. Some of our grout lines are crooked–because the tiles aren’t all the same size. Some of the color in the tiles aren’t uniform–because these are tile seconds we found at some of our favorite salvage stores. But, we like it this way. We know we could(…)

Designing a multi-colored tile wall

Way back when, I read an article in Better Homes and Gardens about a kitchen re-do, and for some reason the tile backsplash stuck with me. I can’t find the original article on their site, but I did find this one, which has a picture from the original article: Image via Better Homes & Gardens(…)