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Home design for non-designers Part III: What's YOUR kind of nice?

non designers part 3 730x1098 Home design for non designers

Today is the first set of assignments to help you play with discovering/creating your own design style. Did you miss parts 1 and 2 of our design for non-designers series?  

You can find them here and here

In the comments to Part II of our series, MamaHolt (from one of my favorite blogs, Wabi-Sabi Home & Garden), suggests that some of us have an eye for design and just know things are right because they feel right.

I am not one of that us.  I do not have a gut that I can trust.  I’ve had to use my head. More →

Home design for non-designers Part II: Finding your personal design principles

non designers part 2 730x1098 Home design for non designers

Yesterday we shared some basic lessons we’ve learned about home design:

1.The first step to creating a nice home is determining what kind of “nice” you want it to be.
To create spaces we love, we have to figure out what kind of space we want.

cool romantic Home design for non designers

While this would be nice for some--and obvious care has been taken to make it so--this would never in a hundred million years be our kind of nice.

2. The particular kind of nice you choose needs to complement the house you have.
We’ve got to work with (not against) the design elements that come with the space.  For us, that’s a Mediterranean-style fireplace, narrow gold windows, and a split-level floor plan..

wrong style 730x485 Home design for non designers

Our house during the pre-buy inspection. It's a 70s split-level--which you can clearly see in the fireplace and its flanking windows--but the space had been decorated in a style we think of as 90s suburban. There's definitely a coherent sensibility to the wall and carpet colors, the chairs and table, and the window treatments, but to us they don't really work in this space.

While these ideas are a fine start, we’ve found it’s not enough. Today we’re back with a crucial third component to our design approach. More →

Home design for non-designers Part I: Two basic principles for creating a house that feels like home

Today we’re launching our first series:

non designers part 1 438x659 custom Home design for non designers

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at the prospect of designing your home?

living room before 730x485 Home design for non designers

Um, yes: This was my living room once. Granted, it contains some mess that wasn't permanently there, but still. Please be kind.

Maybe you know what you want to end up with–or at least have some ideas about that–but you have no idea how to get there.

spring colors room Home design for non designers

I'd have loved having rooms like this back when I had that living room. Did I know how to make them? Heck no. (Image via Apartment Therapy)

Or–more likely–you’re not even sure what you want to end up with.  Not really.

You want it to be nice, but you’re not even sure what nice is.

I have so been there.

chaotic kitchen1 730x485 Home design for non designers

Look at all the crazy going on in that kitchen.

More →