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A DIY Sofa Makeover

A DIY Sofa Makeover

When I was young, my grandma subscribed to Ladies’ Home Journal, and I was fascinated by its regular column called “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” (Yes, I was an odd kid.) As I worked on the first draft of this post, the word “Grandma” kept coming up, and that somehow made me think of that column and(…)

A chair, two benches, and a DIY dysfunction

A chair, two benches, and a DIY dysfunction

Just in case I ever give  you the impression that I have this home design thing all figured out–you know, that I’ve got the whole intentional/frugal design thing down–I want you to know that I don’t. Before I can even get to telling you about the bench in the photo above the post title, I’ve(…)

Split-entry gallery walls: Round 2

So, when we left off our last post, we were looking at a bit of a fuster-cluck with our entryway gallery wall project: We had lots (and lots and lots) of art to work with, but none of it was really working right. Then we found a great new piece of art that had us(…)

What we did on our winter vacation

We did a lot of things, actually. We played games, and cut snowflakes, and read books, and snuggled up, and visited family, and went skating, and slept in, and window-shopped, and took long walks in beautiful places, and sipped so many pretty coffees and hot chocolates that we lost count of them. And we also(…)

When the walls come tumblin’ down… 15-Minute Friday progress report

Cane and I have long been proponents of productive procrastination. For whatever reason, we seem to be wired to procrastinate. While we work hard to get on things that need to be done, we also accept the reality of who we are. This means not necessarily fighting procrastination, but accepting it and using it for(…)

15 Minute Friday: A tidier bookcase

So…this is the Saturday Edition of 15-minute Friday. It’s just been that kind of week. And while I pledged in my first 15-Minute Friday post that these posts would be created in 15 minutes, that was just flat-out stupid thinking. (It’s OK. I can call my own thinking stupid.) I’m now shooting for 30.  Here(…)

Dressing up for Fall (sorta)

As I mentioned in our last post, I’ve got a chair project on hold. It was a $5 garage sale find. She was in sad shape when we brought her home (last fall!), but we like her curvy lines and know she can be a looker again. I really wanted to finish it earlier this(…)