keeping house

The thing itself

The thing itself

Bad weeks:  We’ve all had them. I got to have one last week. The particulars don’t really matter. Some were kind of big, but most were small. It was the cumulative effect, the snowballing nature of the week that, by Friday, had flattened me. All I wanted was a day at home. On Thursday I(…)

Taking command (without a command center)

Taking command (without a command center)

Command centers. Just gonna come right out and say it:  We kinda hate them. At least, we kinda hate the ones we see all over Pinterest. I’m sure it’s probably a large helping of sour grapes on my part, but they are all just so dang cute, with their matching file folders and baskets and(…)

15 Minute Friday: Setting a Goal

In response to last week’s 15-minute Friday, some readers mentioned Fly Lady. I am a HUGE fan of Fly Lady. She absolutely changed my ways of keeping house, which I wrote a bit about in a (very early) post about keeping our housekeeping problems small. I am not perfect in my practice of Fly Lady(…)

The church of chores Keeping house as a spiritual practice

We don’t do church on Sundays. We do chores. You might think chores can’t be any kind of equivalent to church, but we’ve found that chores actually do for us much of what church does for others (besides fill our Sunday mornings).

What you don’t see is what you get

During this morning’s procrastination blog reading, I ran across one blogger’s description of the cluttery, crafty, Christmasy mess that filled her home over the weekend. Then I looked around our place, and this is what I saw:

Our top 10 tips (so far) for keeping our house a home

Keeping the Problem Small Our experiment in living a better life Note:  This is our first post in a series about how we’re making changes to do life in a way that is healthier, happier, and way more sane than we’ve done it before. Years ago I taught middle school, and the most important lesson I(…)