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Of projects, priorities, and perfect days

Of projects, priorities, and perfect days

I cannot remember the last time I felt bored. Tired, cranky, anxious, overwhelmed? Yes, more often than I care to admit. But bored? Never. Sure, there are lots of minutes in every day that I have to do things I find boring, but I think I will never have enough time to do all the(…)



When we began this blog, we were embarking on a huge adventure and challenge:  Creating a new home for ourselves and our children. It was for both of us a second chance to do home well, and we set out to create a the kind of blog we wanted to read–one that would help us(…)

Home design for non-designers Working with the home you have (instead of against it)

Today we’re back with our series on home design for non-designers. (Yeah, I know:  It’s been awhile. A little bathroom project interrupted this party.) Missed the first three parts? You can check those out here: Part 1:  Two basic principles for creating a house that feels like home Part 2:  Your personal design principles Part(…)

If you can’t say something niceLY… ...could you try a little harder?

Recently, a blogging friend had one of her projects featured on Apartment Therapy. Great news, right? That’s like going to the show. (Profanity alert:  There’s a bit of it in this clip.) But as Bull could tell you… …the pitchers throw ungodly breaking stuff in the show.

Home design for non-designers Part III: What's YOUR kind of nice?

Today is the first set of assignments to help you play with discovering/creating your own design style. Did you miss parts 1 and 2 of our design for non-designers series?   You can find them here and here.  In the comments to Part II of our series, MamaHolt (from one of my favorite blogs, Wabi-Sabi Home(…)

Home design for non-designers Part II: Finding your personal design principles

Yesterday we shared some basic lessons we’ve learned about home design: 1.The first step to creating a nice home is determining what kind of “nice” you want it to be. To create spaces we love, we have to figure out what kind of space we want. 2. The particular kind of nice you choose needs(…)