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How we do home is how we do life

How we do home is how we do life

Cane and I have a problem we wrestle with. (Maybe you have it, too?) We want to live meaningful lives. We want to spend our limited time doing things that matter. Like so many others, I’ve taken deeply to heart the question Mary Oliver asks in one of my favorite poems: Tell me, what is(…)

The big reveal–Not!

One of my favorite parts of home/design blogs are the big reveals–the posts where bloggers reveal a newly renovated/redecorated room.  I love these posts:  I love the dramatic transformations from a (usually) horrible before to the completely re-done after.  (If you want a regular fix of the before/after high, check out Better After, a blog(…)

Easy kitchen art gallery

If you’ve landed here from the It’s a Cinch party, we want to say just a few things before you read any further: 1. Yes, this is a post from December. 2. No, we don’t still have a Christmas tree up in our living room. 3. There’s a reason we decided to go ahead and(…)

Why less is more when making a home

For almost two years, I’ve been reading what I call the house blogs:  People blogging about fixing up their houses.  There are all kinds of them, and they overlap with some other categories–DIY decoration blogs, craft blogs, lifestyle blogs that feature a lot of DIY projects. I started reading them because I was fixing up(…)

Why decorations aren’t exactly art

Disclaimer: I am sometimes snarky. Often times snobbish. It’s a character defect for sure. It’s also part of who I am. I’m guessing that some of that will come across in this post. I want to be true to who I am, but I also don’t really mean to offend anyone. My intent is to(…)