Keeping the main thing the main thing

Keeping the main thing the main thing

On Monday, I had nothing to give you guys. I was feeling used up and worn out and I just couldn’t get myself to edit a post we’re almost ready to share. So in that day’s post I announced my intention to spend the morning doing something with my hands. It was a way of(…)

The church of chores Keeping house as a spiritual practice

We don’t do church on Sundays. We do chores. You might think chores can’t be any kind of equivalent to church, but we’ve found that chores actually do for us much of what church does for others (besides fill our Sunday mornings).

Here comes the sun: Turning toward a new season of food and eating

    It was a bleak week, full of wintery discontent. It was not a stoke-the-fire, lets-all-get-cozy-with-some-warm-comfort-food wintery kind of a week.  You know, the kind that feels so good back around November/December, when we’re all settling in for the season of short days and long nights, and we pull out our woolly socks and(…)