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Designing a multi-colored tile wall

Way back when, I read an article in Better Homes and Gardens about a kitchen re-do, and for some reason the tile backsplash stuck with me. I can’t find the original article on their site, but I did find this one, which has a picture from the original article: Image via Better Homes & Gardens(…)

Too much stuff? (Killing the Junk Beast)

We moved to our new house on August 1 last year. We used the biggest U-Haul we could get, and we filled the entire thing. Twice. This is what our garage looked like 10 days after moving: 27 days later, on September 6, our garage still looked like this: And that was after purging a(…)

Fabric flowers

Cane and I aren’t the only ones in the family who like to get creative.  Today we’ve got a guest post from Grace–a girl who loves her writing, her friends, and her hot glue gun.  We think she’s got a blogging future ahead of her. ************************ Sorting through my closet the other day, I found(…)

Let’s get real

True confession:  Until I was well into high school, I didn’t know you could make a cake without using a mix from a box. My friend and I were planning to cook a meal for our boyfriends, and looking through a cookbook I discovered recipes for cakes.  That just blew me away–first, that one could(…)

How to make a sweater stocking and a whole lot more

I know:  The Christmas crafting boat pretty much left the harbor at least a week ago.  For most of us the preparations are done and we’re in the thick of celebration.  This post, however, is not really a quick and easy tutorial on how to whip up a Christmas stocking out of an old sweater(…)

Glassy brassy light be gone!

I’ve made references before to the ugly lights in our house: I’m guessing these were somewhat expensive and probably “nice” in their day, but they just aren’t our thing. Shortly after we moved into the dining-turned-talking room, we started fooling around with the fixture you see in the first photo.  One day I just couldn’t(…)

Going cork: All you really need to know if you're considering a cork floor

As Cane explains in his post about cork flooring, we knew before we bought the house that the carpet in the main living areas had to go.  (It’s also got to go in the bedrooms and family room, but that will have to wait a bit.  Yes, financial renovations are also in the works.)  (…)