15-Minute Friday Maybe a new series?

Yesterday I read a great post from Brooke McAlary of Slow Your Home. In it, she asks what I think is a great question: What can you achieve in 15 minutes? 15 minutes seems like nothing. I can’t tell you how many 15 minutes’s I’ve Facebookered away in my life–because, you know, it’s only 15(…)

Happy Anniversary! Looking back at our first year in our new home

It’s been one year this week since Cane, our kids, and I moved together into the house that’s become our home. Time is always such a slippery thing. It feels as if the year has flown by—as if the time since then has moved so quickly—but when I think back to individual moments, they feel far(…)

Let’s get real

True confession:  Until I was well into high school, I didn’t know you could make a cake without using a mix from a box. My friend and I were planning to cook a meal for our boyfriends, and looking through a cookbook I discovered recipes for cakes.  That just blew me away–first, that one could(…)