In the midst of this hustle-bustle, hurry-hurry season, I find myself slowing down. Oh, there is much to do. Posts to write. Presents to choose. Schedules to plan. A tree to be decorated. But I am oddly slow right now, to the point of being stopped. All I’ve really been able to bring myself(…)

Gluten sucks…

It’s really been the week that wasn’t. I wanted to write about painting wallpaper, and thrift store art (both mentioned here)–but I didn’t. I wanted to show you a really cool fabric store (mentioned here)–but I didn’t. And I wanted to experiment further with home-made tortillas (mentioned here) so I could share some great stuff(…)

Getting kids on board with new food For anyone who's had to make a big change in their diet

Gluten-free is the new way of eating around here, but today’s post is for anyone who’s ever made the choice (or had it forced upon them) to significantly change their diet. Having lived for 40some years on the eat-whatever-the-heck-I-feel-like-eating diet, this is definitely all new territory for me, but some lessons are already emerging. Lesson(…)