Friday Food

Home-made marinade: Real, good, and gluten-free

If you’ve been following along on my food journey, you might remember that at the last stop I realized the need to learn some cooking fundamentals. An improvised quinoa dish got me realizing that the ability to improvise is the thing that will keep us well-fed. I decided to start my education with something simple:(…)

Real good food On math, cooking, and keeping it simple

I’m an over-thinker, from way back. For a long time cooking has been for me a lot like 1st grade math: I thought there must be more to it than I could do or understand. If it didn’t have a lot of ingredients and a bunch of steps, it somehow didn’t even seem like cooking.(…)

Time to stop eating like a toddler Our new Friday Food feature

Wednesday morning I had a little hissy fit. I was late for work, we were out of milk for my granola, and my lunch was going to be lame. It was a near-tears hissy, and it wasn’t really because Cane had used the last of the milk and “I just wish someone else would think(…)