Marriage equity = home equity

Marriage equity = home equity

Yesterday, I spent more than 4 hours pounding down I-5, on my way home from a visit to my parents. I had my two kids in the backseat, groggy from 3 days of spoiling at the hands of their grandparents. We’d had a great few days of family time together. For about the last two(…)

Have you ever gotten lost…

…but not really lost? I mean, you know, generally, where you are–but you don’t know exactly where you are. And you don’t know how to get where it is you want to go. Somehow, in the last 6 months, I seem to have lost my way. I have worked hard, and blogged hard, and parented(…)

No longer running on empty: Family time refuels us for the final push on the painting job

Things have been slow on the home improvement front. We’re still chipping away at our two big summer projects: We’re realizing that we won’t be finished with the bathroom when we return to work in a few weeks. This is more than discouraging, but we’re letting it go and focusing on getting the exterior paint(…)