Love the place you live

This weekend Rita and I took the kids to the tree lighting ceremony here in Gresham. It’s part of our commitment to loving the place we are in. This is not always easy. Especially if the place you live isn’t your first choice. Gresham is a small suburb of Portland but lacks most of what(…)

Is the 70′s split-level the new ranch?

Is the 70′s split-level the new ranch?

Well, no–the 70′s split level is not the new ranch.  Not yet.  But we’re wondering if it might be. We’re thinking the rage for mid-century modern has just about run its course, and something else will have to take its place. If it’s hard for you to imagine the big 70s split-level having the same kind(…)

Welcome to our world

We’re glad you’re here.  Sometimes it’s a little nutty around these parts, and we could use some grown-up company. With three kids, two dogs, and two ex-spouses in our family dynamic, our world is often hectic. On a good day. On a bad one, well… We figure if you’re here, you know how it is. Or(…)