The most wonderful time of the year?

The most wonderful time of the year?

For years, I’ve struggled with the holidays–mostly privately, but sometimes out loud. I’ve tried a variety of stances toward this season: Fully embrace it (let’s do everything and will ourselves to have a big ol’ Merry Christmas dammit!) Acknowledge its difficulties (admit out loud that I don’t like it, hoping that such admission will allow(…)

Our merry little Christmas

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, whatever and however you celebrate. We’ve done a lot of talking and thinking about this holiday season in the past week. We’ve got some ideas about how we hope to do it better next year, but we’ll save those for next year. Right now, we thought we’d share a(…)

A gift-giving guide, of sorts

This year, I was determined not to succumb to the holiday madness. I was determined to celebrate simply, to leave wide open spaces that might fill with more meaningful things than spending and eating and drinking and making pretty. That is why, several weeks ago, I responded to an email from our school’s teen parent(…)

Not just another sweater stocking Repurposing a treasured heirloom

I am a staunch believer in No Christmas Before Thanksgiving. In fact, I’m a bit of a crankypants on the subject. (Just ask our kids.) I believe in giving all of Thanksgiving weekend to Thanksgiving–no Black Friday shopping, no wreath hanging, no Christmas nothing around here until the last piece of pumpkin pie is gone. I(…)

How to make a sweater stocking and a whole lot more

I know:  The Christmas crafting boat pretty much left the harbor at least a week ago.  For most of us the preparations are done and we’re in the thick of celebration.  This post, however, is not really a quick and easy tutorial on how to whip up a Christmas stocking out of an old sweater(…)

Gingerpalooza! A step-by-step guide for making memories

We know it’s a bit late for a how-to on throwing a holiday party… ..seeing as Christmas is only 5 days away!  But we wanted to get this down while it’s still fresh in our minds (and share photos for those who wanted some).  We figure we’ll pull this one out again in early December(…)