The most wonderful time of the year?

The most wonderful time of the year?

For years, I’ve struggled with the holidays–mostly privately, but sometimes out loud. I’ve tried a variety of stances toward this season: Fully embrace it (let’s do everything and will ourselves to have a big ol’ Merry Christmas dammit!) Acknowledge its difficulties (admit out loud that I don’t like it, hoping that such admission will allow(…)

A gift-giving guide, of sorts

This year, I was determined not to succumb to the holiday madness. I was determined to celebrate simply, to leave wide open spaces that might fill with more meaningful things than spending and eating and drinking and making pretty. That is why, several weeks ago, I responded to an email from our school’s teen parent(…)

Celebrating a simple holiday <small class="subtitle">How we' width='466' />

Celebrating a simple holiday How we're hopping a ride on the peace train

Once upon a time, in a life not-so-long ago, Christmas morning looked like this in my house: Kinda gross, huh? I mean, would you look at all that stuff? My favorite holiday moment during those years usually came at about 2:30 AM on Christmas morning. That’s when every present was finally wrapped and under the(…)