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Got old drawers? How to repurpose old drawers into a shelving unit

In our last post, Rita told you all about why we decided to make a wall shelf out of old drawers. Today  I’ll focus more on how we did it. I had a few things in mind right away. I didn’t want to mount the drawer’s bottom side against the wall. Doing some research we(…)

Bathroom Storage Solutions Less truly is more

Back in July, we wrote a little post about the wonderful experience of removing our bathroom vanity. We weren’t sad to see the vanity go because it was too big for the space and we were looking forward to a bathroom with some breathing room. We were a little worried about how to replace all(…)

Aluminum photo prints: <small class="subtitle">DIY bathroom art that can take the heat (and damp)</small>

Aluminum photo prints: DIY bathroom art that can take the heat (and damp)

What kind of art do you put in a bathroom? That’s a question we wrestled with last July. You might remember this “before” shot of a big blank wall in our bathroom from an earlier post:  We knew we wanted to put a long towel bar on this wall, but we weren’t sure what to(…)

Our long-in-the-making master bathroom reveal

Our long-in-the-making master bathroom reveal

This post has been a long time coming. Since January 2, to be precise. That’s the day we posted our first bathroom renovation project post–which all started with a few leaky tiles. We knew it would be a while before this day would come, but we never thought it would more than 10 months later–more(…)

The nitty-gritty on installing a tile wall

The nitty-gritty on installing a tile wall

Maybe you saw our post from a few weeks ago about our new tile bathtub surround? When I wrote it, I was so wiped out from doing the project that I couldn’t do much more but marvel at the finished product. Which was fun for me, but not so helpful for any of you who(…)