70s style

Lighting update: A groovy kinda love

If you’re a regular reader, you know we’ve had a hate-on for this guy ever since we moved in: It was one of a trio of glassy, brassy lights in our living/dining/kitchen area: Ever since we found this one for the library last fall… …we’ve been on the lookout for more 70s lighting to replace(…)

The 70′s called…

…and we invited them to stay for dinner. When I was a young 20something, I found the idea of vintage mixed china rather romantic. I made occasional forays to Goodwill, thinking I would find just the right pieces of Grandma-style dinnerware to create an artsy, eclectic collection of prettiness. Something like this: Or this: Problem(…)

Glassy brassy light be gone!

I’ve made references before to the ugly lights in our house: I’m guessing these were somewhat expensive and probably “nice” in their day, but they just aren’t our thing. Shortly after we moved into the dining-turned-talking room, we started fooling around with the fixture you see in the first photo.  One day I just couldn’t(…)

Is the 70′s split-level the new ranch?

Is the 70′s split-level the new ranch?

Well, no–the 70′s split level is not the new ranch.  Not yet.  But we’re wondering if it might be. We’re thinking the rage for mid-century modern has just about run its course, and something else will have to take its place. If it’s hard for you to imagine the big 70s split-level having the same kind(…)