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Co-creator of This (sorta) Old Life. Mom, partner, teacher, writer, maker, do-er, life renovator looking for ways to live happier, healthier and just plain better.

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Screen Time Manifesto

What follows is a lengthy exploration of issues around screen time for kids.  If you want to skip all the thoughts and get straight to the meat–here’s our Screen Time Manifesto. You know those bumper stickers that say “Kill Your TV”?  We don’t have one.  We like TV—at least some of it, some of the(…)

Welcome to our world

We’re glad you’re here.  Sometimes it’s a little nutty around these parts, and we could use some grown-up company. With three kids, two dogs, and two ex-spouses in our family dynamic, our world is often hectic. On a good day. On a bad one, well… We figure if you’re here, you know how it is. Or(…)

An open invitation

If you’re ready to subscribe pronto… Just get it done over there at the top of the sidebar.   However, if you’re not quite sure yet… …if, you know, this blog is someplace you want to hang out… We understand your hesitation. There’s about a million home blogs out there. Well, maybe not a million.(…)