Pulling the trigger

It’s time to close the door on this internet house.

It’s not because the internet is so horrible–although in a week that’s featured so much noise about Kim Kardashian and a mom who posted a photo of her toddler playing with her vibrator, it’s hard not to argue that for all that’s wonderful about it, there’s much that’s very, very wrong.

It’s just time.

Sometimes a plot twist makes a story great (The Sixth Sense), and sometimes it takes the story off the rails (Heroes). The problem with life is that you can’t always know which way it’s going to go when you find yourself going through the wringer.

Regardless, the story we began telling when we started this blog has taken a turn that I just don’t feel like serving up for internet consumption. Nor do I feel like soldiering on with the occasional post about random house stuff when that’s all this blog would be–occasional and random.

We’ve had a good run here, and I’m deeply grateful for all the wisdom and kindness we’ve received from those of you who’ve corresponded with us over the 3 years we’ve been writing.

Thank you.