4-day teen bedroom challenge!

My daughter is amazing.

Truly, she is. She’s at the top of her class (in spite of a killer course load), she volunteers, she’s a leader in her school activities, and the only worry she ever gives me is that she might be pushing herself too hard. Her biggest indulgence? Binge-reading YA novels and binge-watching Netflix on the rare weekend that she gets some downtime.

It’s because her downtime is so rare that I have let her get away with this:

This (sorta) Old Life:  4-day room challenge

Right now, she’s away at a national student competition. (In Nashville! I am so jealous.) Back in May, I told her that her room would need to be restored to order and cleanliness before she left. Late last week, I realized that was likely not going to happen.

In fairness, it is not all her fault. Although she’s got lots of desk and shelf space, she doesn’t even have a closet:

This (sorta) Old Life:  4-day room challenge

This room was created to be a home office, but we’ve been using it as a 4th bedroom. We’ve never done much to fix this space up; she’s always been an independent, do-it-myself kind of person, and she hasn’t wanted my help. She has said she likes it just the way it is.

I did tell her before she left on Friday that I’d be finishing the job for her, and I received her blessing. (Mostly.) I made sure to find out what things could and could not be discarded.

Last night (after Cane and I had a lovely one-night stay at the Oregon coast), I started in. Within minutes I realized that this room needs a total overhaul.

This (sorta) Old Life:  4-day room challenge

Part of the reason the room looks like something from an episode of Hoarders is that my girl has a hard time letting go of things, and part of the reason is that she is so dang busy, but a bigger part is that there are no organizational systems that work for how she really lives.

Momma’s gonna change all that. And I’ve got to do it by Thursday.

I knew that if I live-blogged this challenge, I’d be more likely to get it done. So here goes:  By Thursday, this room is going to have:

  • A system for storing all her clothing
  • Storage at the top of her elevated bed
  • Systems for storing make-up, jewelry and other accessories, school supplies, and books
  • No more mini-blinds or vertical blinds
  • Adequate lighting and seating

And, it’s all going to look good, too.

I’m gathering ideas as fast as I can. You can see what I’ve found on this Pinterest board:

This (sorta) Old Life:  4-day room challenge

I’ll be tracking progress on our Facebook page, and I’ll try to get a mid-way post up on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Wish me luck! And if you’ve got any great ideas, please do share!

This is just the pile of clothing to be donated to a charitable thrift store.

This is just the pile of shoes and clothing to be donated to a charitable thrift store.

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