Seed spotting

The sun has set on another school year for us.

This (sorta) Old Life: Deck in late afternoon

The end of it was very rocky, with a school shooting just down the road from our home. Because the school is so close and both boys who died were freshmen–the same age as the students I’ve been teaching for the past 6 weeks–and because our children are teens in public schools and we’re just worn out in the ways we always are by mid-June, we’ve been feeling pretty raw. As I’ve written before, any school is a sacred place to me, and this kind of violence shakes me to my core.

Although students are done with school, Cane and I will both be working a few days in the coming week and we aren’t feeling any sense of celebration or real release yet. Maybe in a few days. We will get there.

One day last week I walked around our home with my camera, taking photos of things that made me feel hopeful about the coming months. I could see that even in the midst of this challenging spring, we’ve been planting seeds to bloom this summer.

This (sorta) Old Life:  deck flowers




This (sorta) Old Life:  fabric

This (sorta) Old Life:  fern



Hope is always there. Sometimes we just have to be deliberate in looking for it.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts swirling in my head about the intersections of home and community and living a meaningful life. Need to let them settle down a bit before I can say anything clearly, and feel that I can’t just dive back into our regular fare here on the blog until I can do that.

We’ll be in touch soon, though.

UPDATE:  Because of Katie at the always-lovely and thoughtful House of Humble, today I discovered The Beetle Shack, where others pin still shots from their week. If you’d like to see collections of real images from real lives–the kind that will make you feel good and not inadequate–I highly recommend clicking through. I’ll be adding this post to the group.