Because sometimes I’m slow on the uptake…

…it didn’t occur to me that our little deal with Minted could be a giveaway, in which we’d share our good fortune. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? See our last post.)

But when the nice guy at Minted sent me a code for store credit, and it was way more than I’d need for my parents’ grandkid calendar, the light bulb finally turned on.

rita thinking

So, I wrote back to the very nice and helpful Matt at Minted and asked if he could split the credit in two, some for us and some for one of you. And he said, “Sure!”

That is why we’re now able to offer a $45.00 credit to one of you!

In addition to calendars, they’ve got some other things that might make great gifts (for yourself or someone else).

Perhaps an art print?

animals alphabet

vintage books

Maybe one of these cool journals?


journal 2

Or some personalized stationery?


orange stationery

As we move into the holiday giving season, I find myself thinking quite a bit about giving and why we do it.

One thing that bothers me more every year is how the constant onslaught of holiday-based media can make us feel obligated to give–which is why we can end up overspending our money, time, and energy on things we don’t really want to give and no one really wants to receive.


Holiday fruitcake, anyone?

I love giving when it’s not expected of me and when I can do it simply for the joy of sharing–and that’s what this giveaway is for me. I’m thankful for the little community that exists here, and for all of you who’ve ever taken the time to let us know that you appreciate our work.

So, no big agenda. No need to Like, Tweet, Pin, subscribe, or any of that. Just click to enter by midnight on Friday, November 22, and we’ll let you know who won in our next  post. If it’s you, we’ll also email you.

In honor of the Catching Fire premier, which I will be seeing at some ungodly hour this coming Thursday night with two of our three teens–may the odds be ever in your favor!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

(This is my first time using Rafflecopter, so I might very well screw it up. Trying real hard not to, though.)

 Disclosure:  We received compensation in the form of product credit from Minted for our last post, some of which we’re giving away here. We did not receive additional credit for this one. We aren’t in cahoots with Facebook (I don’t know how to remove that as one of the means of entry but would if I could) and we’re not planning to do anything with your email address. I will need your email address to notify you if you win, however! As I shared in the first post, we’re newbies to this whole business of working with companies. Any clunkiness in the process is all our own, and we’re doing our best to follow ethical blogging practices.
Fruitcake Photo Credit: Sunchild57 via Compfight cc

UPDATE 11/22:  Dang it! I tried so hard not to, but I did screw this up! The giveaway closed at midnight this morning, not midnight tonight. I’m so sorry if you missed it. It seems that I cannot re-open it. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow. :-(

UDDATE 11/23:  Our winner is Kat! (I’ve sent you an email.) Thanks so much to all of you who entered.