Short hiatus

The last week has been challenging.

It brought a new job, a serious health issue, a death, and a trip out of town to visit family.

In other words:  fear, sadness, indecision, nostalgia, regret, worry, joy, anticipation, hope, loss, and gratitude. A rich, complex mix.

Sometimes, a person just needs to retreat for a bit, sit out an inning on the bench. I just don’t have it in me right now to write about any of that, much less progress on house projects.

We’re all OK and going to be OK, but I need to take this week off from the blog.

We’ll see you next week. On Monday, let’s talk about Susanka’s The Not So Big Life. Really looking forward to hearing what others think of it.

This (sorta) Old Life: grandma

My mom, on the other hand, is still swinging. She and my dad have been playing baseball with my kids since they were little guys, a tradition that’s still going strong. She’ll be turning 70 this year. Go Grandma!