On doing it right

Conventional wisdom says that for our blog to be successful, we need to post regularly, and when we do post, we need to deliver killer content.

I also need to be engaging with all of you on social media. You know, Twitting regularly and Facebookering and Pinning…stuff.

Oh, and Instagramming! I think I signed up for Instagram?

Yep, I did:

This (sorta) Old Life:  instagram

Well, if you are a regular reader you already know that we’re not regular writers–especially lately.

As for killer content, we think we’ve been hanging in there. But we know we haven’t knocked any out of the park for a while.

And as far as social media goes, it’s pretty clear from our contact page that we know we aren’t going to break any news, curate a bunch of cool stuff, or wow you with our witty, pithy online repartee.

Clearly, we aren’t doing this blogging thing “right” at all.

We’re OK with that.

We’d really like to post regularly, and we have lots of ideas for good content that we’d like to create, and connecting with more of you more often through any means would be great.

But. We can’t do all of that without turning into a couple of hypocrites.

See, we want this blog to be real. Meaning, we want to write a blog for real people (you) about how real people (us) are making a real home within the context of our happy, productive, healthy real life. Pretty hard to do all that if we aren’t living mostly like you and if our life isn’t all those things.

Most people–especially people who are raising kids and working full-time jobs that aren’t blogging–can’t both create/maintain a happy, healthy life and do all the “right” blogging things. Because that’s a full-time job, too. And two people can’t maintain 3 full-time jobs with any level of happy, productive, healthy. Especially at our stage of the game.

This (sorta) Old Life:  Cane

At the end of a recent long day.

We want to be real and happy more than we want to be big. And if we have to choose between doing blogging right and doing home right, we’ve pretty much gotta choose home almost every time. Which means it’s likely going to be quiet on the blogfront again this coming week.

We know these kinds of choices aren’t limited to bloggers. Blogging just happens to be our hobby/creative outlet, but we’ve all got to figure out how to use the precious resource of our time. These choices are ones we all have to make, constantly.

I especially appreciated these words from Melissa at Home Baked this week, who helped me see that on a day I was struggling. And these from Jules (and all of her smart, funny, thoughtful readers) at Pancakes and French Fries. Both helped me keep both blogging and homemaking in perspective during a week that was crazy exciting (with some things we hope to share soon), crazy busy, and crazy challenging. (Who am I kidding? That’s been the last 3 months, not just the last week.)

As of yesterday it’s spring break for us (yahoo!). That means that, in some ways, we have even less time than usual to keep up with all of you. My kids and I are taking a short trip to see my parents. Cane and Ella will be holding down the fort at home.

This (sorta) Old Life:  photography

This photobomber will likely interfere with attempts to capture my beloved Puget Sound. Again. :-)

I know we’ll have a post on the 28th (only because it’s already written). We may or may not have something else to share this week. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Because that’s real life, folks. At least, it’s real life for us.

I will surely post on our Facebook page, if you like short snippets of what we’re up to and (my idea of) good reads. Hope you’ll click on the link to Like us if you haven’t already.

And I might get Grace to teach me how to actually use Instagram. (That’s a big “might.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for awesome photos of our trip.) You can follow my currently non-existent photos through that link, too. (I kinda love the idea of having followers for an account with no photos. Is that subversive? Someone called me subversive this week…)

This (sorta) Old Life:  Pt. Townsend

This is one of Cane’s awesome photos from our last trip north. Hoping we can take in a show at the Rose this week.

We hope you’ve been up to good things. Would love to hear what you’ve got going on in the coming week–and what doing things right looks like for you. I’m never too busy to read your comments.