Because we all need a balanced diet

Most of the time, writing here is something that feeds me.

Something about putting experience into words and images has always been the thing to take me deeper into it. Going deeper helps me live more fully, with more understanding, joy, and appreciation.

This (sorta) Old Life: rocky and daisy

We had sun this weekend. Glorious sun. These two love nothing more than napping in a spot of sunlight. Well, they love bacon grease on their food more, but a sun nap is right up there.

Most Mondays, I’m not working at my day job, and I spend the morning finishing up a post begun over the weekend. It’s usually a great way to start the work/school week. But sometimes–today–I need something different.

We do have a post that needs finishing, but wasn’t a great weekend, and I have a hard week coming up. The last two months have been challenging, and I’m feeling worn down in all kinds of ways. I need a different kind of food this morning.

I need to do something with my hands, something that will take me out of my head rather than further into it. I  need to do something that’s not on my endless to-do list. Something that will will make loving our home feel more like a privilege than a chore.

So, instead of writing/editing, I’m going to take the morning to do something I’ve been wanting to do that I just haven’t been able to get to.

I’m not sure what that will be.

Maybe I will paint something.

This (sorta) Old Life:  bench upholstered with knitted blanket

Yes, orange bookcase. I’m looking at you.

Or hang something.

This (sorta) Old Life:  Thrift store art

The latest addition to our collection of thrift store art.

Or sew something.

This (sorta) Old Life:  Thrift store fabric

I found this fabric at the same store we found the painting. I think it will make some great pillow covers.

Or transplant something.

This (sorta) Old Life: plants on windowsill

These plants have outgrown their pots and need need homes.

Or recover something.

This (sorta) Old Life: kitchen chair

I’ve had the fabric to recover these kitchen chairs for more than a month.

I don’t know which one it will be. It feels like luxury to give myself a few hours to do something I want to do rather than something I need to do–and part of the luxury is not having to know what it is.

We’ll be back again soon with our usual fare. Although I really value posting regularly, it may not happen this week. A big part of what we’re all about here is finding balance in our lives that will allow us to create a true home. Sometimes, “balance” means letting go of some things in order to hang onto others. Letting go of this week’s posts means we can hang onto our larger purpose in writing here.

I know you’ll understand.

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