Zooming in

Sick with a migraine last week, I realized just how comfortable, how pleasing, how nourishing a place our home is, just as it is.

Yes, there are things we’d like to change. There are things we will change.

This (sorta) Old Life: paint chips

 But we don’t need to hurry. We don’t need to do it today.

Today everything we have is all that we need, and more than enough.

This (sorta) Old Life: metal chair


We have warmth.

This (sorta) Old Life: blankets


We have light.

This (sorta) Old Life: Light on ficus


We have good food. 

This (sorta) Old Life:  muffin


And good books.

This (sorta) Old Life: bookshelves


We have soft pillows and blankets.

This (sorta) Old Life: Daisy in blankets


We have a few pretty things.

This (sorta) Old Life:  Christmas ornament


And a few things that make us smile.

This (sorta) Old Life: report card


We have life.

This (sorta) Old Life: plant


As I wandered around our home with my camera, it was the small details that filled the frame. They always can. It’s a choice that’s always available, the one to look up close, to zoom in on all the little things that shelter us.

This (sorta) Old Life: Love train

 Wishing you eyes clear enough to see the comforts that surround you.

Would love to hear all about them.



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