Lessons learned in 2012

Right now, as we are beginning the draft of this post, we are looking at a living room that’s a little chaotic. Even when the Christmas stuff is packed away and the room is tidy, it will likely still look a little crazy. There might not be any painter’s tape up, but we know some(…)

Help us help you!

We’re channeling our inner Jerry today, and even though I’m poking a little fun at ourselves we really do want you to help us help you. We’ve been doing some soul-searching over the past few weeks (begun on this horrible day), and we’ve got some ideas about how we’d like to do some things differently(…)

Our merry little Christmas

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, whatever and however you celebrate. We’ve done a lot of talking and thinking about this holiday season in the past week. We’ve got some ideas about how we hope to do it better next year, but we’ll save those for next year. Right now, we thought we’d share a(…)

A gift-giving guide, of sorts

This year, I was determined not to succumb to the holiday madness. I was determined to celebrate simply, to leave wide open spaces that might fill with more meaningful things than spending and eating and drinking and making pretty. That is why, several weeks ago, I responded to an email from our school’s teen parent(…)

Zooming in

Zooming in

Sick with a migraine last week, I realized just how comfortable, how pleasing, how nourishing a place our home is, just as it is. Yes, there are things we’d like to change. There are things we will change.  But we don’t need to hurry. We don’t need to do it today. Today everything we have(…)

And so this is Christmas

I have been having some trouble staying engaged with my online world of late. Somehow, too many posts about ornaments and mantels and staying sane through the holidays. I have been longing for normal life, one we don’t have to work so hard at staying sane in. I have been waiting for January. Not because(…)