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In the midst of this hustle-bustle, hurry-hurry season, I find myself slowing down.

Oh, there is much to do. Posts to write. Presents to choose. Schedules to plan. A tree to be decorated.

But I am oddly slow right now, to the point of being stopped.

All I’ve really been able to bring myself to do this week is read and sip tea and soak in the tub and play with crafty little projects and eat the remains of the fantastic flourless cake Cane made for Thanksgiving (on Monday, because that’s the kind of Thanksgiving it was this year).

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I’ve decided it’s all just fine.

We are turning to the season of long nights and cold days.

It is time to slow down. Fill our hands with something soft and our bellies with something warm*.

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Savor a long conversation in the late light of an almost-winter afternoon.

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We don’t have much planned for this weekend. A little crafting, a little tree decorating, maybe a movie. Or maybe just a good long nap with a warm companion (or two).

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We hope you have a good one, full of whatever fills you up.

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*Recipes we’ve linked to (in the text above) are gluten-free. Flourless cake from Real Simple and Corn and Tomato soup from Our Best Bites via Wabi-Sabi Home and Garden. They are both amazing.

Sharing this post with a new find, Chatting at the Sky.