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  In the midst of this hustle-bustle, hurry-hurry season, I find myself slowing down. Oh, there is much to do. Posts to write. Presents to choose. Schedules to plan. A tree to be decorated. But I am oddly slow right now, to the point of being stopped. All I’ve really been able to bring myself(…)

A cornucopia of thrift store art

A cornucopia of thrift store art

I know the online world is all about Christmas now, but we’re still in Thanksgiving mode around here. (Next weekend we’ll put up the tree and shift gears.) And one thing I’m feeling thankful for today is a recent thrift store score of art that reminds me of things for which I’m most grateful. Thrifting(…)

Not just another sweater stocking Repurposing a treasured heirloom

I am a staunch believer in No Christmas Before Thanksgiving.┬áIn fact, I’m a bit of a crankypants on the subject. (Just ask our kids.) I believe in giving all of Thanksgiving weekend to Thanksgiving–no Black Friday shopping, no wreath hanging, no Christmas nothing around here until the last piece of pumpkin pie is gone. I(…)

When the walls come tumblin’ down… 15-Minute Friday progress report

Cane and I have long been proponents of productive procrastination. For whatever reason, we seem to be wired to procrastinate. While we work hard to get on things that need to be done, we also accept the reality of who we are. This means not necessarily fighting procrastination, but accepting it and using it for(…)

Getting our groove back Stepping out on the DIY dance floor to fix our entry stairs

Back in September, I was DIY Done. Even small projects–such as spray-painting some thrift store candle holders–made me positively cranky. After painting the exterior of the house… …and finishing all the small details of our bathroom renovation… …I had no love for DIY left in me. At all. This might not seem like a big(…)