Awesome or awful? You decide.

Have you ever been at the thrift store and spied some sort of something and thought:

That is either really awesome or really awful, but I can’t really tell which.

PA034598 730x973 Awesome or awful?

I first saw these twins a few weeks ago at our local Salvation Army, the night before a half-price day. That meant that if I came back the next day, I could get both for the price of one ($13.00).

PA034600 730x973 Awesome or awful?

I couldn’t decide if they were awesome or awful, and I’ve lost some confidence in my eye after the recent domestic debacle involving our retro-cool green couch and chair.

couch with pillows 730x547 Awesome or awful?

I couldn’t get back to the store the next day, and I pretty much forgot about them.

But then I went in last night, and there they were again.

PA034604 730x973 Awesome or awful?

It was like deja-vu, as last night was, again, the night before half-off day.

This time, I decided that the continued presence of the lamps must be a sign.

It was the universe telling me they were meant to be ours.


We have been on the lookout for some lamps for our nightstands.

PA034602 730x973 Awesome or awful?

I decided to swing by after school today. If they were still there, late in the afternoon of another half-price day, I’d take it as confirmation from the universe and snag those puppies.

So I did–and the parking lot was a zoo. No parking, cars lined up, people everywhere. Not sure what that was all about, but I kept driving.

When I got home, I mentioned the lamps to Cane.

“They might be really hideous,” I said. “But they might be really cool. I think it depends on what we do with them. And hey–we could be on the leading edge of the 70s craze you just know is coming!”

PA034603 730x547 Awesome or awful?

“Oh, and they might work in the bedroom if we want to continue the kinda baroque thing we’ve got going in the master bathroom.

P9304540 730x547 Awesome or awful?

Is it weird to have a guy with bedroom eyes in your master bathroom? We call him Edgar because one of the kids thought it was a painting of Poe.

(Yeah, that’s a teaser. We really truly are going to publish a reveal post by Monday.)

I left to pick the kids up from their respective practices, and I forgot all about the lamps until I was back home putting water on for pasta and heard Grace sputter,

WHAT are those?”

I knew instantly what that man had done while I was gone.

PA034605 730x973 Awesome or awful?

“They’re cool,” he said.

I think they are? In an avocado and gold 70s kinda way.


Maybe my doubts aren’t about the inherent awesomeness of the lamps (or lack thereof), but more about our ability to truly carry them off.

Since I’m having a little crisis of confidence, I thought I’d find out what you think:

Awesome or awful?

Please help us decide!

We’d love it if you leave a comment here ¬†or on our FB page to tell us what you think.


PA034601 730x547 Awesome or awful? 

Hope you’ll decide to follow us. Who knows what we’ll bring home next!

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