Take this job and love it Making your work space feel more like home

As we’ve shared on our About page, both Cane and I are educators. He teaches in a digital media program at a small charter high school and I am a literacy coach at a large urban high school. Back in June, I did something I’ve said every year I would do, but never have until(…)

A beautiful mess More progress on the family room

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know we link regularly to the William Morris Project at Pancakes and French Fries. The WMP is all about creating homes filled only with things we find useful or believe to be beautiful–which is as much about figuring out what those things are as it is about decluttering(…)

New beginnings and old traditions

You ever get an idea in your head that something needs to be done a certain way, or it can’t be done at all? That if it can’t be done the way it’s supposed to be (which is however you’ve decided it needs to be), it’s not worth doing at all? Or, maybe you’ll do(…)