Monthly Archives: August 2012

Our mini-staycation And some design inspiration from McMenamin's Edgefield Manor

Cane and I are not big travelers. We both hate airports. We hate packing. We hate sitting still in small seats with nothing to do. No travel this summer was no problem, as we wanted to dedicate ourselves to finishing (hah!) our two big on-going projects. If you’ve been following along with us this summer,(…)

No longer running on empty: Family time refuels us for the final push on the painting job

Things have been slow on the home improvement front. We’re still chipping away at our two big summer projects: We’re realizing that we won’t be finished with the bathroom when we return to work in a few weeks. This is more than discouraging, but we’re letting it go and focusing on getting the exterior paint(…)

A case against “updating”: My grandparents' well-preserved 1940s bungalow

Last week, on a trip visiting family, I realized that sometimes, “home” can be a house we’ve never actually lived in. Although I’ve never lived in my grandmother’s house, it is home to me. I have more than 40 years of memories stored within its walls. It is a place I have always felt welcomed,(…)