Too cool for school A new chair for our dining-room-repurposed-as-library

I’ve shared before that I have a little problem.

garage sale chair1 730x547 Too cool for school

I know some of you have it, too.

metal chair 730x485 Too cool for school

We’ve never met a chair we didn’t want to rescue.

canes chair 730x521 Too cool for school

We know that with just a little love (and paint or stain and fabric), every chair could be a thing of functional beauty.

living room chairs closeup p 730x547 Too cool for school

So, how many chair make-overs do I have to my credit?

chair makeover Collage 730x730 Too cool for school

That’s right: 0.

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

As Cane confessed recently, we’re great starters, but not great finishers. Most chair projects I’ve imagined have never gone beyond the dreaming/designing stage.

I do have one I’ve done actual work on, but it’s been put on hold.

chair arm before after 730x364 Too cool for school

After my recent incident with a paint roller, Cane and I agreed to focus only on the bathroom and house painting until we get those done.  All other old projects on hold, and we’re especially firm on this:

No new projects!

So, last week, when we saw a chair that would be perfect for an empty corner of our library…

P7213066 730x547 Too cool for school

…the only reason she came home with us is that she didn’t need one tiny lick of work!

In case you’re new here and think we live in a very grand house–to have a library and all–we don’t.

We live in a 70s split-level, and we’ve repurposed our dining room into a library. We read (and do puzzles and art projects and homework) way more than we  have dinner parties, so we decided to forgo the formal dining room.

IMGP2052 730x1097 Too cool for school

We got all kinds of crafty here last Christmas.

We love our big leaning bookshelf, which we got from our local Borders store last year when it was going out of business.

library bookcase 730x1095 Too cool for school

We love our library table (also from Borders), where we work (and occasionally eat, if it’s a quiet meal for just Cane and me).

library table 730x1095 Too cool for school

We also like our collection of thrift store art, much of which we display here.

library new vintage painting 730x626 Too cool for school

But our library had an empty corner.

empty corner library pic 730x547 Too cool for school

And then, out and about taking care of some business on Friday, we saw our chair:

library chair full 730x547 Too cool for school

For only $24.

library chair from back up close 730x547 Too cool for school

She’s gold and orange (two of our favorites), and you can’t get much more 70′s than faux-wood laminate:

DSCF7268 730x547 Too cool for school

She is clean. She is comfy. She has no tears or damage of any kind.

library chair side view 730x1013 Too cool for school

She is old-school cool–but we think she’s too cool to have ever been in a school. (Our tushes have never sat on such cushy seats in a classroom!)

library chair seat back 730x973 Too cool for school

And she fills that empty space perfectly.

library corner closeup 730x788 Too cool for school

See the difference?

library corner before and after 730x364 Too cool for school

It was such a nice surprise to find something that meets all our current criteria for things coming into our home:

1. We have a place for it.

2. It’s well-made, preferably thrift/vintage.

3. It’s got a thrifty price tag.

4. It doesn’t need any work.

5. We love it.

We think she gets along just swell with the “cowboy footstool” we pulled in from the living room:

DSCF7266 730x547 Too cool for school

Why does Cane call this the “cowboy footstool”? I don’t know, but the name has stuck.

And she doesn’t fight with the white chair in the opposite corner.

library white chair corner 730x1023 Too cool for school

We think the cowboy on the wall approves.

P4150759 730x547 Too cool for school

DSCF7164 730x547 Too cool for school

How about you?

Ever repurpose a whole room? Kept a house renovation resolution for more than a day?  Found a vintage item that needed no work? We’d love to hear all about it…

We’ll be sharing our lovely find in our favorite thrift-sharing places:

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