Going out on a funky limb The big reveal of our long-in-the-works bathroom tiling project

Our new tile wall is a little bit funky.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile wall green stripe

Some of our grout lines are crooked–because the tiles aren’t all the same size.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile uneven grout

Some of the color in the tiles aren’t uniform–because these are tile seconds we found at some of our favorite salvage stores.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile with uneven color

But, we like it this way.

We know we could have gone another way. For nearly the same money (if you count what we’ve spent on our mistakes) we could have bought new, inexpensive tiles from a warehouse home improvement store. Then we would have straight lines and uniformity.

tile gray

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We’d have something that we know wouldn’t put anyone off when it comes time to sell this house.

We’d have something safe–more like the bathroom we had before we started knocking down the walls.

thissortaoldlife master bath shower before

I guess we don’t like safe.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile whole tub

 We like scaring ourselves by trying something we aren’t sure we can do.

thissortaoldlife tile pipes with no tile

We like laughing with delight when we discover we can.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile faucet

We like saving things that others have discarded.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile back wall

We like trying something out and revising and trying again..and revising again… and again and again.

thissortaoldlife tile designs collage

We like lying in bed at night and holding hands and talking more about what our choices mean than about how they look.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile shower head

We like looking at these walls and seeing our story behind them: the days of looking, planning, dreaming, fretting, eating, walking, talking, trying, doing.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile looking down

We don’t really care that it’s been 7 months of days since we started this whole project.

thissortaoldlife tile demo rita

Or that it took 3 days to get the tile on the wall.

thissortaoldlife cane cutting tile

thissortaoldlife tile going on

Or 10 episodes of Mad Men to get the grouting done.

thissortaoldlife rita grouting

Though we have less time left in our lives than we’d like, we understand in ways we never did when we were young that we have way more time than we realize.

7 months is nothing in the big scheme of things.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile corner

We like that no one else has a shower like ours. Not because we want to be original. Because we want one that is of us, that is a metaphor for our life.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile vertical at faucet

Could we have it without our funky shower full of discarded tiles selected, arranged, placed, and polished by us?

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile long wall


But for us, the funky shower is not just the metaphor, but is also the pathway to our wonderful, funky life full of crooked lines and crazy color.

We like it like that.

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile corner with shelf

thisortaoldlife bathroom tile shelf detail

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile faucet corner

thissortaoldlife bathroom tile faucet detail

If you’re itching for details on this project…

You can see just about every step of the planning and designing stages through the links in this post, or by going to the Master Bathroom section of our home/project tour. (They’re in chronological order here.)

We’re planning a post with details about the actual construction of the wall (because we sure learned some things and have some advice we could share), but we’re not sure how quickly we’ll get that up. We’ve got a cool project from a reader in our next post, and we want to share our exterior house painting project (which has been doing on simultaneously) before it gets too far ahead of the blog.

Yeah, we’re still struggling a bit with figuring out how to both do our projects and blog about them. We’ve so appreciated all the encouraging and supportive feedback we’ve gotten recently from those of you who read us. Truly.

thissortaoldlife tile piles

For sure have to share this one with the William Morris Project community. Because we think our tile wall is pretty beautiful!

william morris project

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