The nitty-gritty on installing a tile wall

The nitty-gritty on installing a tile wall

Maybe you saw our post from a few weeks ago about our new tile bathtub surround? When I wrote it, I was so wiped out from doing the project that I couldn’t do much more but marvel at the finished product. Which was fun for me, but not so helpful for any of you who(…)

Dressing up for Fall (sorta)

As I mentioned in our last post, I’ve got a chair project on hold. It was a $5 garage sale find. She was in sad shape when we brought her home (last fall!), but we like her curvy lines and know she can be a looker again. I really wanted to finish it earlier this(…)

Too cool for school A new chair for our dining-room-repurposed-as-library

I’ve shared before that I have a little problem. I know some of you have it, too. We’ve never met a chair we didn’t want to rescue. We know that with just a little love (and paint or stain and fabric), every chair could be a thing of functional beauty. So, how many chair make-overs(…)

How to live happily ever after… When your castle is way less than fairy-tale ready

As we shared in our last post, Cane and I recently had a sorta fight. We never fight. It’s not that we’re special (or stuffing all our bad feelings behind a wall of denial)–it’s just that usually we talk about our frustrations/hurts/disappointments/etc. way before we get to anything that even resembles a fight. And resolve(…)

More talk. Less doing. Revising our expectations--and our work process

Last month, Cane drafted a post I never got edited/published. It went mostly like this: We are not strong finishers. We LOVE to start projects though. It’s one of the things that we do best. That time early in a project when it’s all possibility and excitement is the best part. When you sit around and think of(…)