As the paint roller turns… Or, best laid plans and all that

On Friday, I was all set to write a post about this:

thissortaoldlife retro enamelware stockpot

I was going to have a plethora (yes, a plethora) of artsy photos of my funky, retro enamelware stockpot, much better than this one on the mid-century teak table:

thissortaoldlife 70s enamelware stockpot

Never mind that it makes no sense to have a stockpot in the living room. Doesn't it look better on wood?

I was going to show you the details that made me fall in love with it, like this:

thissortaoldlife enamelware stockpot detail

These cheerful 70s flowers had me at hello.

And then I was going to delve into the deeper meaning of thrift shopping and link parties in which we share our thrifty finds–such as the one at Southern Hospitality, or the one at Her Library Adventures–two very different sorts of thrift parties, which I like for different reasons.

But I didn’t have time this weekend to take a plethora of artsy photos or to ruminate on the deeper meaning of thrifting, because I came home on Friday afternoon to this:

thissortaoldlife entry stairs

thissortaoldlife cane tearing up carpet

And with me was this girl, who is graduating from 8th grade tonight and hosting an end-of-school party tomorrow:

Doesn’t she look amazingly grown-up? Of course, in my mind (and more importantly, my heart), she is still also this girl:

serious toddler

You can see that she is a very serious, thoughtful person. And from this one, I’m sure you can intuit that she has some definite ideas about entertaining:

toddler in toy kitchen

And so, when she came home on Friday to see the stairs in a carpet-less, paintless, pretty-much-nothing-but-ugly-state, she had a minor little freak out.

She already thinks Cane and I are weird when it comes to making this house. And that our house is weird. She does not share our taste in art…

thissortaoldlife button bird on mantel

…or lighting…

thissortaoldlife retro 70s light

…or just about anything.

So, it really was not good when she went into the family room, where much of the party is set to take place, and saw this:

thissortaoldlife family room with paint swatches

Which she saw because I just could not bear the idea of a party taking place in a room that looks like this:

thissortaoldlife family room before 1

thissortaoldlife split level family room with fireplace

So, I had to promise promise promise that the stairs would look “normal” and the room would be painted and “normal” before the party–which happens tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. (“Normal” is very important to middle-schoolers about to be high-schoolers.)

And that is why you won’t hear much from me until Wednesday. And why I haven’t responded to all the great comments left in response to Saturday’s post about family chores. (But I will–I loved the thoughtful ideas and reactions to that post.)

I’ve gotta get my paint brush on, right after I hit publish and link to the parties you see listed below.

thissortaoldlife stairs with sander

Wish me luck. I think I’m gonna need it!

thissortaoldlife family room in progress

What the family room looks like right now, at 6:30 Monday morning.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see some cool thrifty treasures, check out the link parties below (where you’ll find this post). And even though I probably won’t respond to comments on this post until Wednesday, I always love to hear what you have to say. And boy, I could use some encouragement right about now. :-)
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