Craigslist win! <small class="subtitle">How we scored a great craigslist deal</small>

Craigslist win! How we scored a great craigslist deal

You ever read those posts where someone has some kind of great something and they found it on the curb, or got it on craigslist for a couple bucks or found it at the Restore for almost pennies? Yeah, me too–and I always think: Why not me? Why can’t I find a slew of cabinets(…)

Saying good-bye to spring…

Some people love summer. You’d think I’d be one of them–after all, I work a school year calendar. Summer for me is sleeping in, long afternoons, extra time with family and friends. But truly, I think spring may be my favorite season.

The Paint Roller Stops Turning Thrifty finds and lessons learned

If you’ve been following along in episode 1 or episode 2 of As the Paint Roller Turns, you know that Cane and I caused Grace some moments of anxious worry by beginning two big projects days before a party she was throwing. And you know that it all turned out well in the end, even(…)

As the paint roller turns… Or, best laid plans and all that

On Friday, I was all set to write a post about this: I was going to have a plethora (yes, a plethora) of artsy photos of my funky, retro enamelware stockpot, much better than this one on the mid-century teak table: I was going to show you the details that made me fall in love(…)

The church of chores Keeping house as a spiritual practice

We don’t do church on Sundays. We do chores. You might think chores can’t be any kind of equivalent to church, but we’ve found that chores actually do for us much of what church does for others (besides fill our Sunday mornings).

Weber Grill Rehab: <small class="subtitle"> Sometimes used is better than new</small>

Weber Grill Rehab: Sometimes used is better than new

Would you want to cook your dinner on this thing? We didn’t want to, either. That’s why Rita and I spent some time casually shopping for a new grill this spring. Our grill not only looked horrible, it worked pretty horrible, too. ┬áThere was really no temperature control. It cooked everything on high regardless of(…)