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I’m an over-thinker, from way back.

report card

For a long time cooking has been for me a lot like 1st grade math:

I thought there must be more to it than I could do or understand.

If it didn’t have a lot of ingredients and a bunch of steps, it somehow didn’t even seem like cooking.

complicated recipe

But all of that is changing now…

On a recent day off I was home at lunch time with little food in the house. I didn’t want to go out. I wanted to eat something–preferably something delicious and good for me–with what I had.

I had an onion and quinoa pasta, but no sauce. I had strawberries, but no other fruits or vegetables.

quinoa pasta box

Funny how what seems like nothing much is more than plenty, if you just know some simple arithmetic.

All I had to do was saute the onion in olive oil…


and add a little garlic to it…

onions and garlic

and grate some fresh parmesan cheese

grated parmesan cheese

to sprinkle over the pasta and garlic onions with some salt and finely chopped cilantro:

cilantro and salt

Added a little sugar to the sliced strawberries…

strawberries and sugar

…and lunch was done.

quinoa pasta and strawberries lunch

Real food, real simple, real easy.

quinoa pasta bowl

Fresh, good, gluten-free.

(As for amounts, I can’t really tell you what I threw in there. I chopped up about a quarter of the onion and threw in a few teaspoons of chopped garlic from a jar. I sprinkled cheese and cilantro until it looked right. A few pinches of coarse salt.)

berries and pasta

Simple is good.

Not everything in life is calculus, you know? Wish I’d known that back in 1st grade.

1st grade class photo

I guess some of us just need a little longer to learn than others.

 How about you?

Anything you’ve discovered is simpler than it once seemed? Got a great, easy, go-to meal when it seems like there’s nothing in the cupboard? We’d love to hear all about it.

Feel free to drop us a comment.

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