Friday Food: The Mother’s Day Edition

Sometimes I think holidays and birthdays are just occasions to feel bad about myself.

I always have good intentions.

I always mean to think about it in advance and get on it. This year.Finally.

I never do.

Grace has been asking for weeks what I want for Mother’s Day and my answer is always the same:


I mean it. I’d like to spend the day hanging out together, and that’s it. I don’t need stuff and I would like to release my kids from the obligation to make or buy something for me.

(We always give what we’d like to get, right?)

Will and Grace playing a finger game.

I don't need flowers, jewelry, or any other thing. I'd love time to hang out with the kids and do a whole lot of nothing much.

Still, I know it’s nice to not just think of our moms, but express those thoughts in some tangible way so they can know we get it now:  We know (and appreciate) all that they’ve done and continue to do for us.

So this week, when I realized I’d once again sort of fumbled the holiday ball, I decided that it just wasn’t going to be acceptable to forgo a card/gift and send an expensive bouquet at the last minute (my usual go-to solution).

grace with football

Maybe if I had Grace's balancing skills, I'd be more graceful with the whole holiday thing...

On Wednesday night, realizing that Thursday is the last possible day to mail something to both my mom and my grandma, and not wanting to run to the store, I decided to make Mother’s Day cards.

And, I decided that it would be made with what I had on hand, in the time I had to make it.

mother's day cards

I made a quick trip to our recently organized craft-supply area (and can I just say, it was so great to be able to find everything easily and quickly! should have done that years ago!), and quickly pulled out:

  • Colored cardstock
  • Fancy scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Blank cards and envelopes
  • Ribbon
  • Sharpies
  • Colored pencils
  • insert pic of supplies

card craft supplies

I thought about getting all fancy and doing some kind of artful collage thing, but it was already 8:00 when I started, and I wanted to be done by 9:30, and artful takes some effort on my part (because I’m not naturally artful).

Amazing how sweet a simple card can look with a ribbon tied around it.

ribbon card

This is scrap ribbon, from a spool Grace just had to have back when everything was all pink hearts and glitter.

A little tip:

I glued the ribbon on the inside of the card first, and then I glued it to the front of the card. I let it set before tying the bow.

inside of ribbon card

outside of ribbon card

Because I’m lucky enough to need two cards (my grandma isn’t my mom, but she’s 95 (!) and I’ve benefitted in untold ways from her mothering), I needed to do a second one. I got a little fancier with it:

ribbon card #2

Did you see that fast move? I put some cardstock (trimmed with the fancy scissors) under the ribbon.

Yes, you can try this at home! And the only reason I got a little arty with the ribbon is that it was too short to tie a proper bow. Necessity is a mother too, right?

ribbon detail

Unfortunately, I can't really tell you how I made the ribbon that way. I was hurrying to get it done, and I really don't remember. Just fiddle with the ribbon till it passes for pretty.

And that’s it. I wrote a personal message inside of each (which I know will mean more to both of them than a store-bought message would) and got those puppies in the mail by Thursday morning.

Nothing too clever or awesomely cute, but good enough. And good enough is way better than not at all.

I putting this one in the victory column.

catching football

Oh, and if you want really cute cards…

You can check out these 18 different clever ideas from Martha. (Yes, that Martha.)

How about you?

Are you as holiday-challenged as me? What do you most like to give and get for Mother’s Day? Any other great tips for a last-minute save? Would love to hear from you in the comments.