Thrifty deck spruce-up

Thrifty deck spruce-up

If you know anything about Cane and me, you probably know that we are not great finishers. We are great dreamers and planners and starters, but finishers? Not so much. Most of the time, we’re just fine with that. We usually finish eventually, and our long, meandering process allows us time to make great discoveries(…)

Guest-posting at Sorta Crunchy today!

If you are visiting for the first time from Sorta Crunchy, welcome! We’re so glad you decided to click on over to our “house.” (And if you haven’t already been to Sorta Crunchy and want some tips for clothes shopping at thrift stores, hope you’ll check out the post here.) If you’re a first-time visitor(…)

Team White or Team Wood? Our fireplace mantel gets a new look

Some people are die-hard fans for Team White. They’ve never met a wood surface they haven’t liked better with a coat of crisp white paint. (They often cheer loudly for Team Pottery Barn, too.) Others are Team Wood. It pains them to the point of offense–deep, deep offense–when natural wood is painted. (You can hear(…)

Real good food On math, cooking, and keeping it simple

I’m an over-thinker, from way back. For a long time cooking has been for me a lot like 1st grade math: I thought there must be more to it than I could do or understand. If it didn’t have a lot of ingredients and a bunch of steps, it somehow didn’t even seem like cooking.(…)

When things are more than things

As someone who eschews “things,” I often find myself in a bit of an uncomfortable place on this blog. So much of it is about the things of our house. I want to be a minimalist. (I’ve even participated in a big experiment with a minimalist wardrobe.) I want fewer things so I have more time(…)

Friday Food: The Mother’s Day Edition

Sometimes I think holidays and birthdays are just occasions to feel bad about myself. I always have good intentions. I always mean to think about it in advance and get on it. This year.Finally. I never do. Grace has been asking for weeks what I want for Mother’s Day and my answer is always the same:(…)