So, we’re not all a-fire this week… Luckily, other bloggers have some good stuff going on

We’ve had a lot going on around here. 

  • I had a marathon migraine last week.
  • Cane is likely going to be on strike next week.
  • Track season has started.
  • My babies have been forecasting for high school (!). Which means they aren’t babies in any way, any more, which means I’ve been doing a little grieving.
sleeping babies

All were stressful. The strike is looming large over us. I’d like to say more, but fear I will start ranting.

On top of that, I’ve been finishing up a great class focused on writing the landing pages of your blog (about, subscribe, bio, etc.). It’s been great work, the main value of which isn’t (to me) that we’ve got new pages–it’s that it took me deep into thinking about what we want this blog to be and why we’re writing it. (You can see some of that thinking in our new About page and our new Subscribe page.)

(Oh, and another huge value:  The amazing community of women writers I’ve found in the others taking the class. Let me know if you’d like to know more about what we did and how it worked.) This has been all good–but time-consuming–stuff.

None of this, however, makes for compelling blog posts.

Instead of making up some half-assed thing, I thought I’d point you to some blogs that have better content this week than we can muster up today.

Where to go

Screen shot cleavageAbout that class I just mentioned? It’s the work of Kelly Diels–smart, funny, sexy (of course!), and very, very good at both writing and eliciting good writing from others. You can check her out on her blog, Cleavage.

Kelly’s tag line is “writing through the lines that shape us,” and her essays are always both thoughtful and thought-provoking. I particularly like this week’s essay on the the power of boundaries to keep us close (rather than push each other away).



screen shot revolutionAnother blog I recently discovered (thanks to Brooke at Slow Your Home, who writes lovely and useful posts on the idea of slow living):  Revolution from Home by Beth Berry. If you ever feel overwhelmed (or frustrated or otherwise bugged) by all the seeming-perfection in the home corner of the blogosphere, you need to read “Let’s all compare our perfect lives, then try to enjoy our day.”




screen shot keeping it cozyIf, however, you’re in the mood for some lovely fantasy that doesn’t make you feel bad, might I suggest Keeping It Cozy, a blog with gorgeous photos of gorgeous people eating gorgeous food in a gorgeous farmhouse with a gorgeous garden.

While this could make me feel a little bad and itchy, it doesn’t. I think because Andrea, its creator, seems just so genuinely nice–and because she’s got some great content holding up all that gorgeousness. Like this one about how to make homemade chicken stock. (I know, it’s not winter anymore, but I’ve been craving comfort food.)


screen shot earth kitschFinally, I’ve been stalking Ranch Dressing with Earth Kitsch for quite a while now. She always makes me laugh (even when she gets me feeling a little sad), and I love all her retro kookiness–such as this post in honor of Loretta Lynn’s birthday.

And if you want to explore the retro niche fully, she’s got an awesome blogroll you should check out.



Ah, there are so many others I’d like to send you to, but–to update a button I used to wear on my cheerleading sweater in high school, “So many blogs, so little time“–I’m about out of time this Thursday morning for our Wednesday post.

Yes, I was a book-nerdy cheerleader, the juxtaposition of which might help explain why I like such wildly divergent blogs. What can I say? It’s what I really read. Hope you enjoy.

And because I don’t have enough ways to procrastinate…

Would love to know what your favorite online reads are. Please share in the comments.