Spring photo display

I hesitate to write yet another post about our kitchen art line. But we love the art line, and we think it’s one of the smartest things we’ve put in our house, and we just changed it up again and we’re dying to share some stuff we learned in the latest iteration of the project.(…)

Your process isn’t broken

Seems like I saw all kinds of posts last week from bloggers being kind of hang dog about lack of progress on various projects. Saw a lot of “meant to do this” and “didn’t get to that” and “wish I could have” and “decided not to,” with intimations of sloth and distraction and various other(…)

Cooking without a net Or, a funny thing happened on the way to quinoa

  I’ve decided that cooking from a recipe is like writing a 5-paragraph essay. You all remember that one from English class, right? It goes kinda like this: Paragraph one: Tell ‘em what your gonna tell ‘em, with your 3 (not 2 or 4 or certainly 5) main points. Paragraph two: Tell ‘em your first(…)

How (and why) we choose thrift store art

How (and why) we choose thrift store art

We’re going to come clean right out of the chute on this post: We are art snobs. We’ve got some pretty particular ideas about what is and isn’t OK to put on our walls. This might surprise you if you came to our house, because none of our art is the kind of thing you’re(…)

Gluten sucks…

It’s really been the week that wasn’t. I wanted to write about painting wallpaper, and thrift store art (both mentioned here)–but I didn’t. I wanted to show you a really cool fabric store (mentioned here)–but I didn’t. And I wanted to experiment further with home-made tortillas (mentioned here) so I could share some great stuff(…)

How not to shop for fabric

Remember this chair? Sadly, it looked like this through all of winter. Back in February when I finished Will’s desk and tasted the sweet victory of a small finished project, I was all on fire to tackle this chair.