I know, I know:  The time to take a little blog break is NOT right after you get a crazy-great boost in traffic because your work has been highlighted in some great places.  (Thanks WhisperWood Cottage and The Rooster and the Hen and Better After and  Funky Junk Interiors and Molly blogging at Curbly.) If you’re stopping in from one of those places, Welcome! We hope you’ll poke around our blog and come back next week, when we’ll have some new things to share.

Tired of seeing this project yet? We do have some new ones we're working on!

But it’s spring break for us this week, and I’m currently out of town where I’m having trouble with technology (the reason you’ll see only old photos in this post). And, once I get back, we just have a lot of little things we need to attend to–the kind of things we can only attend to when we get a chunk of time (a topic we explored here).  Like finally doing our taxes. And taking care of some back-end-of-the-blog business. And getting unstalled on our bathroom renovation project.

When we get back, we do have some things we want to share:

A big reveal of our one-wall-at-a-time living room painting project, which we started back in December.

We'll be giving you the lowdown on painting over wallpaper. Yes, we did.

Some tips/ideas on filling those newly painted walls with vintage/thrift store art (which we alluded to here).

One of our favorite pieces of thrift-store art.

An update on our bathroom tiling project–which will, indeed, finally be a tiling project by the end of this week.

stacks of 4-inch tiles sorted by color

We've actually landed on a plan for what to do with these piles.

Some great new recipes that everyone (not just the gluten-free) will love.

This is not a stunt-double. That's me finally learning how to cook.

We hope you’ll check back next Monday, when we’ll be ready to dive into spring in all its sunny glory. (OK, I know that’s a stretch. My kids had a snow day last week! But we can dream, right…)

This tree (snapped about two weeks ago) now has pink buds popping out all over.