Spring Cleaning!

Is it spring where you live?

Spring here means snow and sunshine  and thunder and sleet all on the same day. (Well, at least it did this weekend.)

branches with buds and drops of rain

The temps were in the 30’s, but everything is bustin’ out in blooms.

Which is enough to put us in a spring cleaning frame of mind.

And if the weather alone weren’t enough, we learned on Friday that Andrea at The Greenbacks Gal and Emily at Live Renewed are hosting a spring cleaning challenge. Which gave me just the kick in the rear I needed to finally finish cleaning our garage. We’ve been working on this garage since September, and were finally down to the back wall, the space designated for all our crafting supplies.

Here’s just a small slice of  “before” action:

And here’s a little more, from inside the cabinets:

And we fully intended to have the full cleaning meal ready to serve up today, but…we got so busy cleaning we ran out of time to write the post.

clean craft cuboard

I don't get to this kind of organizational awesomeness by snapping my fingers or wrinkling my nose. I'm no Samantha Stephens.

And, OK, so we wasted some time. We did spend some time in one of our best places to score thrift store finds.  But it was half-price day and we struck out. Only found weird/creepy things. Like this:

Sorry, there are some things spray paint just can't fix. This is one of them!

And we spent a little time being excited by WhisperWood Cottage, which featured our door-turned-coffeetable-project this weekend. (Some really cool ideas to be found there!)

salvaged door coffee table

We wanted to let you know about the challenge though, because there are some sweet prizes. Yeah, we could use a brand new GE washer and dryer–how ’bout you?

Luckily, we have until Tuesday to post.

As always, we learned some things about cleaning and the meaning of stuff, which I’m looking forward to sharing tomorrow. Hope you’ll check back to see what we did.