I know, I know:  The time to take a little blog break is NOT right after you get a crazy-great boost in traffic because your work has been highlighted in some great places.  (Thanks WhisperWood Cottage and The Rooster and the Hen and Better After and  Funky Junk Interiors and Molly blogging at Curbly.) If(…)

Getting down to the core of it How our beliefs affect our eating

Although Cane and I are awfully dang serious about making a good life for our family, we generally do so here without getting too serious. We like to laugh, and we try not to get too heavy about anything. Hence, we’ve shared things like this with you: But honestly, truthfully, this whole business of going(…)

Spare some change?

Sometimes being flexible is a good thing. We had a great time envisioning and creating our coffee table project. It was a lot of fun to make and has been well-received. (In fact we are getting published in Cottages & Bungalows! You can read about the contest we entered here. I’ve never read the magazine,(…)

Spring cleaning our craft supply area

Is your garage a place to park your cars? Or, is it a place to park your junk? We are park-your-car-in-the-garage people (not because we’re careful stewards of our vehicles, but because we hate scraping ice off our cars on cold mornings). We had enough space cleared by fall to park our cars in the(…)

Spring Cleaning!

Is it spring where you live? Spring here means snow and sunshine  and thunder and sleet all on the same day. (Well, at least it did this weekend.) The temps were in the 30′s, but everything is bustin’ out in blooms. Which is enough to put us in a spring cleaning frame of mind. And(…)

Getting kids on board with new food For anyone who's had to make a big change in their diet

Gluten-free is the new way of eating around here, but today’s post is for anyone who’s ever made the choice (or had it forced upon them) to significantly change their diet. Having lived for 40some years on the eat-whatever-the-heck-I-feel-like-eating diet, this is definitely all new territory for me, but some lessons are already emerging. Lesson(…)

Our greenest project yet

Our greenest project yet

Rita and I have sort of been on the lookout for a coffee table for the upstairs living room. I say “sort of” because she really wanted one and I didn’t so much. I like the open space. She wants a spot to put her tea. I often see a coffee table as a place(…)