Linky what the heck? Getting started with Linky Follower

So, I’ve been seeing a new widget out and about:

I could see that it’s a tool for following blogs, but that’s about all I could see. Wondering what this is about, I did what we all do: I googled it.

Which got me here, the place to sign up for Linky Follower and get the widget.

I never used Google Friends Connect–and therefore know nothing about that–but apparently this is replacing that, which is going away.  (Kinda like Picnik, which is making me way beyond sad as I’d just discovered it. If you know a great alternative to Picnik, please let me know.)

Here’s what I know about Linky Follower so far:

1. It’s free.

2. It was easy to register and start. (Just click on the register tab and helpful pop-ups walk you through it.)

3. It’s supposed to be easy for me to follow the blogs I like (and for you to follow us) using it.

Here’s what I don’t know:

Pretty much everything not on my list of what I know. I’m not sure how it will help me keep tabs on the blogs I’ve signed up for–I’m not sure of how to see updates yet. I can see that it’s easy to connect with those bloggers who are already signed up, but I’m not sure how it works with those who aren’t.

So why are we jumping on this bandwagon we know so little about?

Because–as you’ve probably realized if you’ve been reading us the past month or so–Cane and I are jump in and get startedkinda people.  I know enough to know that this is something we want to learn how to use, so I learned enough to get going.

We’re also ask for help kinda people.  If you know more than we do about Linky Follower, we’d so love some tips. In my quick Googling I didn’t find much–which likely means one of two things:

1. It’s so self-explanatory that no one needs to write a how-to post.

2. It’s so new that everyone is figuring it out right now.

(I’m kinda hoping it’s #2, because #1 means I’m not getting something that’s really simple.)

I think it will just take a little time…

From the site, I get the sense that I can find everything I need right there.  However, I’m out of time for that sort of thing this morning.

See, we’ve got a little Valentine’s Day post we want to get up for tomorrow.  (How can a site produced by a couple not address the day of romance?  Right–it can’t.  We hope you’ll check back tomorrow to see our take on V-day.) 

In the meantime…

Hope you’ll follow us on this new cool tool. I think you can do that by clicking here:  

Or, if you want a more traditional way of keeping tabs on us, like us on Facebook, which you can do here:

We always put links to new posts on our FB page.

And, if you have any tips for using Linky Follower (or just want to say hi), please drop us a comment. We love hearing from you.