Bathroom Remodel Update

Thought I’d write a quick update on the progress of our never ending bathroom remodel. I did manage to get a few things done. Not as much as I would have liked though. I’m realizing that this will be a slow project that we’ll probably drag into late Spring.

The main reason we didn’t get as much done was the weather. Every year in early February Mother Nature gives us a gift of a few sunny days. This weekend I could see that my grass in the front yard has started growing again. Next to the house there are some bulbs coming up. If you look closely at the Japanese Maple near our front door you can just make out the start of spring buds.

Anyway, when we get this early February reprieve everyone in Portland drops what they are doing and heads outside. We know too well that we will see constant rain until sometime in May.

Portland Eastbank Esplanade.

Portland Eastbank Esplanade.

Rita and I woke up Sunday morning and headed out to The Rebuilding Center to look for more tiles. You can see here our tile find at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. We thought we’d see what we could find at the Rebuilding Center then maybe take a walk or go skating.

We did manage to find a pretty decent assortment of tiles. Somewhere around 150. That puts us around 400 tiles. We need another 150 or so. We probably will go to the Pratt & Larsen Outlet Store to get the rest. It’s a bit more expensive but we’ll be able to be more specific about color choices.

Anyway, here’s a picture of our haul. Notice the light we picked up. Hope it’s more authentic to our house than the multi-bulb golden thing we have now.


retro light fixtures for the bathroom

Here's the box of tiles we got from the Rebuilding Center on Sunday. 150 tiles. You can also see a couple of retro light shades we scored. 25 bucks for all including the drawer.

Not a bad haul I think. We then had a couple of burritos and did a great walk in a North Portland neighborhood that we haven’t been in before. I think it was the Overlook neighborhood? Beautiful old homes from the 1940’s or so. It was great to be out in the sunshine. The homes on the edge of the neighborhood look out onto the river and a train depot.

Willamette river with train depot

View from edge of Overlook Neighborhood in Portland. Downtown Portland in the distance.

After the walk we weren’t quite ready to head home. Instead we decided to head out to the Eastbank Esplanade and do a bit of skating. The weather was gorgeous and it was still warm. When we got there it wasn’t as crowded as usual. Probably because it was Superbowl Sunday. I like to watch the game but couldn’t pass up being outside on this day.

Skating on the Eastbank Esplanade

Rita practing her twirls and backwards skating.

Well, eventually we made it back home. I did get into the wall and do a bit of work. The day before I managed to cut out the old fixture and cap off the water pipes. This was necessary to install all the blocking for the cement board.

Pipes with old fixtures

Here's the old fixture. We want to replace this with a single knob fixture. This one is also off center. The stud marks the center of the tub so it'll have to be trimmed for the fixture to fit.

cutting the bathroom plumbing pipes

Here I am cutting the copper pipe with my multi purpose tool. I bought one of those wheel cutters for copper pipe but it wouldn't fit in the tight space. The multi tool made short work of the pipe though.


The plumbing pipes cut and capped

Here are the hot and cold feed pipes cut and capped with a temporary cap. This got the pipes out of the way so I could focus on blocking for the cement board.

studs ready for backerboard

Here's the wall as it looks now. The new single handle shower valve is in place and some of the blocking for the cement board is done. Next step is to finish the plumbing before I button up the wall.

That’s it for now. Not a lot done but I wouldn’t have spent the weekend any other way. Feeling extremely grateful for the sun and warm company I got this weekend. I’ll finish that wall when the rain starts.

Skating on sunny Portland day next to Willamette River
Here I am trying not to fall down. It’s been a while since I was on skates.

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How about you?

How did you spend your precious weekend?  Anything more enticing than the Super Bowl for you?  Why don’t you drop down to the comment box and tell us all about it?

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