The pause that refreshes

My friend Michele at Wabi-Sabi Home and Garden has begun a Friday ritual called This Moment, a regular feature inspired by a similar feature at

The idea is to capture, with a photo and no words, a single moment from the week–“A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.”

I’d like to write more about what this means to me and why I’m hopping on the This Moment bandwagon today, but frankly–this week has done me in.  And it’s not done with me yet.  I’ve been in hamster-spinning-its-wheel mode for several days, and the dang thing just won’t slow down.

In a week such as this one, the moment below was fuel that kept the train of my life chugging along:

Cane giving Ella a drawing lesson.

Art Lesson

Hope you’ll visit us next week.  We’re planning to add our 2 cents to the topic of discourse in blogland, update you on our bathroom renovation project, and get back to the subject of real food.

(Note the keyword there:  planning.  When Cane and I taught together, we began just about every planning meeting with these words:  Let’s make some plans we can throw out. We are definitely about following paths we can’t see until they open up in front of us.)

Happy Friday, Everyone.

Be safe, love your people, and sleep well this weekend.